Stormy Monday and Mark Twain's Cat

They called it a Stormy Monday. The weatherman blew a high-wind which the local gov stormed out of proportion. Power lines were switched off and Twitter screens lit up. Between all the social media quips and snaps, there was a single question hanging. "Where is the storm?"

As an institution teaching school students, we played safe. A service suspension notice was issued. "No lessons for next two days", it said. Teachers and parents concurred on  the concern, while each felt tad-bit happy. Sometimes it's good to have a surprise break, as it is to get an occasional relief from ferrying children between school and tutorials.

The storm did a no-show, or at least not in its expected fury. By Wednesday students trooped back into their classrooms, and the WhatsApp videos carried nothing more dramatic than a few swaying trees. I know it is unfair to judge from the comfort of hindsight, but the paranoia, derived from the storm calamities in Rajasthan, was a bit over-the-top. This reminds me of Mark Twain's anecdote about his cat. After getting burnt from sitting on a hot oven, the cat stopped sitting on a cold oven as well.