Summer Camp 2018

Exciting new short-term programmes through summer. Our programmes are designed to cater to a wider age group and interest range.

05 - 29 June, 2018
Nirvana Country, Sector 50, Gurgaon 122 018


Summer Song

Music Camp

by David Zimik

David Zimik is a multi instrumentalist, an instrument-maker and an extremely popular music teacher with children of young age group. He teaches classical guitar, violin, the recorder and a host of rhythm instruments. Summer Song is a program designed by him to lead junior school students into the fascinating world of music. Students are expected to learn the basic of tunes, tone, timbre and rhythm through songs, clapping and trying their hands at various child-friendly musical instruments.

Course Work

1. Rhythm and movement
2. Dancing to music
3. Action songs
4. Musical sticks and percussion
5. Making body sound
6. Observing playing of various instruments
7. Identifying instruments by sound
8. Hands-on training
9. Drawing/ writing musical signs and notes
10. Learning letter names of music and solfage
11. Song practise for Camp Final

Duration:       4 weeks
Sessions:      12 (3 to 4 times per week, 35-40 min each)
Course Fee:  ₹ 7,999* 

*GST charges extra as applicable.

Piano Camp

Beginners' | Intermediate

by Ravi Kughshal

This year we have split the Piano Camp to accommodate both first-time learners as well as intermediate players. Early Piano Lessons as the name suggests is cut out for Beginners' who have a natural inclination towards playing the keyboards or singing.  Students will learn finger positions, music notes, scales, time and pitch. All That Jazz is suitable for students with intermediate skills in piano playing and looking to venture in to the glamorous world of Jazz music.

Duration:       4 weeks
Sessions:      12 (3 to 4 times per week, 45-60 min each)
Course Fee:  ₹ 7,999* (Early Piano Lessons)
                         ₹ 9,999* (All That Jazz)

Music Tech

Boot Camp

by Mikhail Ushinin

Focused on developing solid skills in digital sound production, music recording, computer-assisted sound design, electro-acoustics, MIDI, music for film and television, post-audio, and surround sound mixing and recording. The programme reflects all of the major components of the rapidly evolving audio production universe. The methods and technology used in all genres of music - from classical and folk music to jazz, rock, and electronic music.

Course Work

1. Intro: Sound, Hearing and Recording
2. Basic electronics and connectivity
3. Digital audio
4. Intro to DAW (Pro-Tools/ Workstations)
5. Main settings, menu and tools of DAW
6. Types of microphones
7. Microphone techniques
8.  Acoustic Instruments recording
9. Loops, MIDI instruments
10. Tracking
11. Plugins and processing
12. Mixing and Mastering

Duration:       4 weeks
Sessions:      12 (3 to 4 times per wee, 60 -90 min each)
Fee:  ₹ 14,999* 

*GST charges extra as applicable.

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