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Designed for musicians and music teachers seeking professional qualification.

Programme & Certification

In collaboration with ABRSM, we provide training and support to musicians and music teachers seeking professional qualification for career advancement. ARSM (Associate of the Royal Schools of Music)  is a performance-only letter diploma from ABRSM. It is open to all those who have qualified Grade 8 from ABRSM or Trinity or Rockschool. Candidates perform a 30-minute programme where they are assessed on their musical communication skills, interpretation and technical delivery. There are no written or spoken elements and no scales, sight-reading or aural tests, making it a very accessible exam. 

Session Schedule

Weekdays    17.00h – 19.00 h
Saturday      12.30h – 19.00 h
Sunday         12.30 h – 19.00 h

Students seeking to take ARSM Diploma exam are required by ABRSM regulation to have completed 54 hours of guided learning (GLH). We provide this in 72 sessions with each session lasting at least 45 min. Additional lesson sessions are available on extra payment basis. Students are also required to demonstrate total qualification time of 900 hours including GLH.  This implies committing to at least 16 hours of practise and preparation each week of an year in addition to lesson sessions.

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The Masters

David Zimik
Dilora Yakubova
Maria Gigoreva
Mikhail Ushinin

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