Conservatory Programmes

Grade Exam programme


GEP is designed for school-students who are musically inclined.

Programme & Certification

Grade Exam Programme is a core offering. Students seek admission from the age of 8 years. The programme prepares them to qualify ABRSM assessment from Prep Test through Grade 5 (Theory and Practical).  ABRSM is the world’s leading and largest music examination service. We serve as the Exam Centre for Gurgaon. The course is based on ABRSM curriculum and offers more sessions than the minimum guided learning hours (GLH) recommended by ABRSM. Students take at least 18 sessions per term over the 4 terms of an academic year. Sessions last 45 minutes and comprise of maximum 3 learners.

Session Schedule

Weekdays    13.00h – 18.00 h
Saturday      11.00h – 18.00 h
Sunday         11.00 h – 18.00 h
Sessions are held in tutor groups of 3 to 5 students, with each session lasting c. 30-45 min.


ABRSM Assessment

Prep Test
Grade 1 through 5: Practical
Grade 5: Theory

The Masters

David Zimik
Dilora Yakubova
Cecilia Vaz
Pramit Sarkar
Upamanyu Kar
Yashaswi Agarwal

Mikhail Ushinin and David Zimik - senior instructors

Mikhail Ushinin and David Zimik - senior instructors