Conservatory Programmes



Private lessons for advanced learners and ABRSM higher grade students.

Programme & Certification

As the name suggests Premièr classes are one-one-one lesson plans offered in violin, cello, concert flute and nylon string guitar. The programme is reserved for advanced learners including young music teachers who are seeking advancement of existing skills. It is also useful for students preparing to take ABRSM grade 5 or higher as it offers focused learning, adequate theory lessons and extended session time of 45min through 1 hour. Students have option of taking extra paid classes during a term.

Session Schedule

Weekdays    17.00h – 19.00 h
Saturday      12.30h – 19.00 h
Sunday         12.30 h – 19.00 h
Each academic year delivers up to 72 sessions, across 4 quarterly terms.


Study LevElS

Year 1: Beginner
Year 2: Intermediate
Year 3: Advanced I
Year 4: Advanced II

The Masters

David Zimik
Dilora Yakubova
Pramit Sarkar

Advanced learner of Violin in a private session

Advanced learner of Violin in a private session